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ACCL is open to affiliate to all kinds of other roleplaying groups.







Sakura-welcome by L3Moon-Studios

This is ACCL a cat roleplaying group! And we are currently open for applications.
Check out the journals for more information.

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Eyes open by SheepMaker

The story
Ava is a very rich old woman. She lives in a big mansion, all alone because she has no friends or family. She’s kind of a loser. So one day Ava decided to get a cat, so she wouldn’t be so lonely. She went to the kennel, and got herself the best of the best. Me. She took me back to her mansion, let me sleep in her bed and she made me wonderful homemade meals of deliciousness every single day.
In return I honored her with my presence. I also helped her redecorate one time. I gave her curtains a more rough, and beautiful look. She wasn’t too happy about that though, so i keep my exquisite decorating skills to myself for the most part. Sometimes, i even let her pet me. Quite frankly, she should be honored.
Aside from the ugly curtains she replaced my own beautiful work with, everything was great. We had our routine and life was good. But one day…
Ava went outside. This in itself wasn’t too odd – Ava went outside a lot. But when she returned! Oh lord, when she returned. She came back with a meowtain of cats.
There were small cats, big cats, cats without fur, and cats without tails and now I have to share my meals with all these other cats, and share Ava’s attention with them! I don’t know why Ava felt like she had to get all these other cats. I am everything you could ever want.
But alas, now they are here. And they are ruining everything! They’re eating my food and sleeping in my bed.
I can’t let this continue. If these cats are going to be staying here - If i have to... Share... My home with them, i need to make it clear whoose the boss around these parts. And that's me. I'm the boss.

It's meow or never.


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Heart-Anonimous Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This group seems really fun and nice! I might join it really soon! 
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XCyndaquilKittyX Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017
I'm interested in this group, and I think I may apply to join. What's the deadline?
(1 Reply)
IlluminateWaters Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! This group looks interesting and I would be glad to join! When exactly is the opening for applications ending?
(1 Reply)
Angelpaw33 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I was wondering if a character with this kind of ears would be aceptable-
If not it's okay! I was just looking for a group to put her in :"D
Kitty4   by Angelpaw33
(1 Reply)
forqet-me Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
heyy i joined this group awhile ago on my old account (rejoined again but)
the character i had there um
should i revamp the character or would it be fine if i made a new cat for this??
rip ive been inactive do to moving ha
(1 Reply)
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